Thursday, 3 October 2013

Apple iOS 7

When earlier in September when Apple launched its biggest update to its mobile operating system iOS, there has been mixed reaction initially. But lately it seems like Apple will be having hard time receiving the bug and fixing it, because there are just a lot of them. From small good features to pretty big frustrating problems, the iOS 7 has it all. Well, we'll be looking into deep in iOS 7 - the good and the bad.

Starting from the good features ->

1. Clock icon

Yes, you heard that. A clock working at the top of the scree. Take a look.

2. Text Time-stamps

Also new, if you'll slide texts you can see time-stamps for all of them.

3. The Level

Just open up your compass app and slide your fingers across it, and congratulations because you just unraveled a new feature. So now, say goodbye to those tilted paintings.

4.Night mode for maps

When you are driving late, your bright apple screen can very blinding and cause you many problems. In this, the screen appears dark at certain times to prevent that problem.This is less distracting and easier on the eyes when navigating at night.

5. Closing multiple apps at once.

Yes, you can close multiple apps at once.Here's how: double click the home button to reveal open webpages and platforms.You can then swipe up to three apps at once by using three fingers and dragging them upwards.

6. Block calls

Well, if you are getting annoying calls you have now the liberty to just block them. Visit Settings > Phone > Blocked to add numbers you want to restrict.

7. Apps near me

Now this is an interesting feature. When you visit the Apple app store, you'll se something like "near me" at the bottom. This is region specific apps. It means if you are, suppose, in Manhattan then it will show you those apps which are downloaded most on that region.

OK, now coming to the bad features ->

Well it certainly looks like they'll never ending reporting. But getting familiar with very common drawbacks in iOS 7.

1. Security Glitches

It was the problem at the starting, but now fixed by Apple. iOS 7 security flaw allowed for the circumvention of a device's lockscreen,as reported CNET . From a locked phone or iPad, swiping up to access the alarm clock app and following a couple extra steps brought up the iOS 7 multitasking screen where you could access the camera app or photo gallery. This opened a clear path to Twitter, email and other accounts. Apple replied quickly to this vulnerability by releasing an iOS 7.0.2 update late last week, fixing the bug.

2. Unwanted Logouts

One problem that’s vexed iOS 7 users and developers alike is a glitch that logs users out of some apps, according to The Verge , prompting a sign-in screen each time an app with a unique account is accessed. Popular iOS email app Mailbox was “in crisis mode” shortly after the release of iOS 7, attempting to fix the software conflict as users grew agitated. According to Mailbox, the only solution, though a temporary one, is to disable iOS 7’s new background refresh feature, though this removes the app’s ability to receive updated information while in the background. This issue remains unaddressed.

3. Battery life

It has been reported highly by many users that this update just drains out the juice of your device very quickly. iOS 7 is more like iOS 7% left of battery.As reported by PC Magazine , the difference in power consumption is often hard to quantify, seeing as each user uses his or her phone differently and with unique configurations, though it is worth mentioning that Apple did address a similar battery drain claim with a patch to its iOS 5 software. In the meantime, some sites have compiled best practices lists  to aid users in conserving battery life, suggesting things like turning off background app updates and disabling AirDrop (Apple’s new wireless file sharing service). For example, theHuffington Post's Alexis Kleinman put together this primer on how to save battery life with iOS 7 .

4. Motion Sickness

There is another weird claim that is getting high concern. It makes users sick. As a report from NBC News asserts , iOS 7’s new 3D desktop might be giving iPhoners vertigo-like symptoms.

5. iMESSAGE problems.

A lot of people switching to iOS 7 are reporting the malfunctioning of iMESSAGE, Apple's all-encompassing messaging platform for texting and desktop chatting. According to The Wall Street Journal , Apple has acknowledged the bug and is looking to the resolve the issue as soon as it can. Tech site BGR has reported  that we should expect this fix to come next week by way of Apple's second patch update to iOS 7.

6. Design Flaws

Then there are the visual imperfections. One place to get a glimpse of all the places where iOS 7 is a bit off in design and compatibility with third-party apps is . Though this user-submitted Tumblr is described as being “all about intellectual honesty, not trolling,” it’s full of, well, sloppy design inconsistencies and errors, and seems a little troll-y.

Now, looking at these bugs or say flaws one might say that they are so picky and almost every OS have them in one way or another. But guys, the thing is that its not what you think. These small things make up your best user experience. Apple didn't get the launch it needed with iOS 7 as it was the Apple's largest update to its mobile operating system since iOS was introduced in 2007. Though there are a lot of other changes which took a big leap from iOS 6 to iOS 7. But this time it will take a little more time to adopt those changes.
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